In May 2021, Bloomberg published a special feature headlined, “Vancouver Is the Hate Crime Capital in North America”, exposing how the city’s long history of anti-Asian racism has boiled over to a surge in attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vancouver police data showed that Anti-Asian hate crimes increased almost eight-fold…

Secondary Students Admitted and Refused to First Choice at a High Ranking Canadian University in 2016

One of the most common questions that I hear from students in Canada is “What grades do I need to get in order to get into my dream Canadian university?”

Top-tier Canadian universities, like universities around the world, are becoming increasingly more selective every year. Every year, the quantity and…

Canadian education is a prestigious world-class education. Canada accepts hundreds of thousands of international students every year. Most of them eventually obtain Canadian Permanent Residency.

Recently, the Canadian government has announced the expedited processing program — Student Direct Stream — that targets candidates applying from India, Philippines, China, or Vietnam.

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