Multicultural Counselling for Children and Adolescents
2 min readMar 31, 2021

At Pandahug Educational Consulting, when working with children and adolescents with multicultural backgrounds, we include the following considerations in our practice:

  1. We practice self-awareness about our own multiple cultural identites and ensure that we maintain a sense of understanding, objectiveness and equality about cultural identities in our work. We work towards a nonhierarchical stance, and we respect all identities. We let the client guide us to understand issues related to the cultural identities of the client during sessions.
  2. We assess the multiple cultural identities of individual and family and their interactions. We analyze the strengths and challenges of the identities for the individual, family, therapeutic relationship and progress.
  3. We work with children and their families to better understand the influence of ethnic and cultural identity development status on family dynamics. We work with the child and family to encourage open communication about helpful and unhelpful family dynamics.
  4. We assess the family cultural identities and their relationships with school and community. We identify supportive community resources for the family as well as help identify cross-system problems that may be negatively impacting the child and family, such as oppression or bullying.
  5. We assess the cognitive and developmental capacities based on neuroscience, as well as internal intersecting identities of the child to understand and support the child’s abilities to self-manage.
  6. We understand that treatment priorities set by the client may be related to issues in family dynamics. Minimized treatment issues may reveal conflicts or challenges.
  7. We are aware of how positive reinforcement can influence cultural identity development, expression and maturation. We provide a safe space for clients to develop and express their identities.

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